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And Bursaries

Awards, bursaries and scholarships

For a full list of awards, bursaries and scholarships available to students, please click here.

Entrance Awards

When you apply for admission to by March 1, you are automatically considered for entrance scholarships and bursaries. The current range of individual entrance awards is $500 to $9,000 and some awards are renewable for up to four years of study.

Internal Awards

University offers several internal scholarships and bursaries to current students. Most internally offered scholarships require at least one full time semester of study before qualifying for an application. Applications can be found in the and are posted throughout the year. Scholarships and bursaries are automatically credited to a student’s tuition and fees account in the following semester. Please note, fall awards are put on accounts in the winter semester and winter awards are applied to accounts in the fall semester.

External Scholarships

External scholarships and awards are sponsored by organizations from all around the world, and are open to all students, not just those at . These funding opportunities are sent to us from various government, corporate, and non-profit sector groups to be shared with the student body. These opportunities will be sent out via email as part of the bi-weekly Submissions and Applications email students receive.

Materials Fund Bursary

The Materials Fund Bursary is designed to support students who are facing financial barriers and are struggling to purchase the supplies they need for their program. Through a needs-based assessment, the Materials Fund enables students to obtain items through the Art Supply Store and other sources.

to apply for the Materials Fund Bursary through the Form Portal.


For more information on awards please contact the Office of at